3 Reasons to Outsource Cold Calling

With outbound sales rapidly changing across industries, more and more sales leaders are asking whether the old ways of cold calling will keep working in the future. While cold calling isn’t dead, you may need to change the way you run your cold calling to keep it viable in the future.

That’s why more and more companies are outsourcing their cold calling. Outsourcing fixes the supply-side problem of labor in countries like the US, and it also solves cultural issues around cold calling, as long as it’s conducted correctly.

Easier Cold Caller Hiring

Many employers think cold calling is impractical because effective cold callers are hard to find and harder to retain in today’s competitive employment environment. US-based cold callers can demand high wages, and they’re hard to find in the first place. 

The fact is that the US doesn’t have enough qualified people looking for jobs as cold callers. That supply shortage creates obvious issues that outsourcing fixes quite nicely. There are plenty of highly-qualified cold calling experts looking for jobs outside the US right now. 

That’s even more apparent when you look at companies that focus solely on outsourcing. While spinning up your own sales team offshore is intimidating, there are international outsourcing experts that have the logistics all figured out. Even better, those employees are already trained and experienced in cold calling, so all they need to learn are industry and product specifics. 

Cold Calling Culture

Another issue with domestic cold calling is the American culture around cold calls. Americans tend to think that cold calls are rude or ineffective because they’re generally unpopular for B2C sales. But B2B sales is a different world with its own norms and culture, where cold calling is alive and well.

Because of Americans’ misconceptions about cold calling, they’re often unwilling to become cold callers themselves. Even people who apply for cold-calling jobs can balk at the prospect of high-volume calls when actually pressed to perform, which makes them uniquely unsuited to the work.

That’s especially true with volume-based sales and marketing. Volume-based strategies necessarily require your cold callers to make calls in the three digits every day. If your sales team isn’t ready to do that, they might not be fit for the modern cold-calling landscape.

Setting More Meetings with Outsourcing

The biggest reason to move your cold calling offshore is because of the results it’ll get you. Outsourced callers are experts at what they do: setting meetings for your sales team. They’re skilled prospectors who know how to identify key decision-makers, and they know how to move you up that chain to talk to the ones who really matter. 

That speaks to a common misconception about cold calling: you don’t need your cold callers to close deals over the phone with in-depth demos or extended pitches. Glengarry Glen Ross is long behind us. Instead, you should only be relying on your cold callers to set meetings for your full-time sales team.

That’s the kind of specialization that lets your sales team operate smoothly. With cold callers filling their calendars with meetings, your sales team can spend their days focusing on conversations with the decision-makers that matter most. 

If you’re interested in how to start your own cold-calling strategy, go ahead and get in touch with Salaria Sales today.

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