Benefits of Hiring an International Sales Team

As CEO and founder of Salaria, I get asked a lot about the key traits that help us stand out. Key among them is our extraordinary, international team of sales professionals. I used to think a company couldn’t succeed with so many offshore workers, but as many of our customers find, they do truly remarkable work.

How I learned to value international talent

Early on in my career, I worked at a startup where I managed a team of developers based in India. That was my first step to understanding the wealth of talent all over the world: those developers communicated clearly, did accurate, high-quality work at a startlingly fast pace, and were more in-touch with US business culture than some people who grow up here.

I learned that an increasingly globalized business culture and the cultural mixer of social media mean that around the world, there are workforces intimately familiar with the best practices and communications norms of US companies. As I progressed in my career, I continued to find better and better teams across different business functions. 

I wish I could say that’s only because I’ve improved at identifying the best workers, but the fact is there’s more great talent in places like India and the Philippines than ever before. 

Why Salaria has a global team

Just as talent rises abroad, Salaria’s team has only gotten more global over the years. At first, team members not located in the US didn’t make cold calls. That’s because I thought that it just wouldn’t work to have someone call in from another country.

But I was wrong. Salaria tested the idea and we were blown away with the results. Our cold callers work harder than I did when I was a salesperson, and I’ll never go back to relying solely on domestic talent.

Since we started using cold callers based abroad, our customers have been more than satisfied with the outcomes of their work. We’ve been able to pick the most talented professionals from a much wider pool, and compensate them above what other white-collar jobs pay where they’re located to encourage high performance and low turnover.

Do outsourced cold callers have accents?

One of the most common questions I get asked about Salaria’s international cold callers is whether they have accents. The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, but why would it matter? The results they get don’t lie, and their obvious English fluency and excellent sales skills are what impact their performance, not the accent they have.

A person’s accent doesn’t tell you about the legitimacy of the product they’re selling, their competency as a worker, or whether you want to set a meeting with the company they’re representing.

It doesn’t even tell you where they are! Based on the way they talk, our international team could be sitting in Boston, Bratislava, or Bangkok. There are people from all over the world in every major city, and the people receiving our calls don’t seem to care much about where they’re sitting. You can judge for yourself with the recordings below!

You can start taking advantage of the ever-deepening pool of international talent yourself! Just set up a meeting with Salaria to see how we can start setting you meetings and earning you revenue in a matter of weeks.

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