5 Reasons for Sales Outsourcing in a Recession

With growing suspicions that a recession is around the corner, sales leaders are trying to identify the best ways to prepare for a downturn. One of the most tested and effective methods of preparing for an economic recession is outsourcing parts of your sales organization.

It’s important to keep in mind that whether a recession comes, companies are already making decisions with a recession mindset. The recent series of sweeping tech layoffs signals that certain industry leaders are making decisions with an incoming recession in mind. In order to keep up, you need to make plans for what might be coming.

1. Cost Reduction

This is the first thing that people think of when they consider outsourcing, and it’s for a good reason: outsourcing can certainly help reduce costs. Outsourcing companies compete with full-time employees (FTEs), so they need to price their services below an FTE’s salary. 

But outsourcing can help you reduce more costs than just salaries. It can also eliminate costs related to management, HR and hiring, and support for that team. 

2. Flexibility

The same factors that reduce the cost of hiring an outsourced team also make them easier to scale up and down. Outsourcing agencies already have the staff you’re looking for, as well as their own HR, management, and support teams.

That means that all you need to do is call up the agency and ask to scale your team up or down. You’ll have your new lead-generation professionals ready to go in days, as compared to the weeks that hiring quality employees can take. 

3. Hiring in the Job Market

While we associate recessions with mass layoffs, sometimes it’s necessary to prepare for a recession while the job market is still strong. That’s the case today: the job market doesn’t show concrete signs of slowing down, while corporations have started to struggle.

That means that you might need to hire employees in an expensive job market, knowing that the market could take a turn any day now. Instead, you can start working with an outsourcing company. Because outsourcing agencies are used to weathering downturns, their staffs are hired and ready to go. Not to mention the room for cost reduction mentioned above. 

4. Experience with Recessions

In fact, outsourcing agencies’ experience weathering downturns can come in handy in more ways than one. Outsourcing agencies have seasoned professionals that can often help you out in an advisory role, not just as outsourced salespeople.

Beyond just giving you general best practices in sales, the people you work with at outsourcing agencies can also act as sales consultants. While you might not find this relationship at certain kinds of agencies, such as pay-per-lead companies, companies worth working with will gladly provide it.  

5. Access to Sales Technology

Outsourcing agencies don’t just come with their own support teams. They also come equipped with all the technology they need in order to source leads for you. These enterprise technologies can be expensive and might not make sense if you’re a smaller business. But for outsourcing companies, they’re the normal tools of the trade.

Access to the latest in sales tech gives you the opportunity to source leads in ways your boutique competitors won’t be able to. In a recession, that doesn’t just save you money. It also gives you a unique advantage at a time when others are struggling to keep their heads above water.

If you’re interested in working with a top-of-the line, well-equipped sales outsourcing company that’ll save you money and bring your lead generation to the next level, feel free to reach out to Salaria.


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