Salaria’s Secret Strength: Our Strategic Consulting Services

At Salaria Sales, we’ve built a reputation for efficiency and effectiveness in sales. But we sometimes run into a misconception that our role is confined to mere execution – simply delivering messages crafted by other cold calling companies. This view significantly understates the core of our services. We are not just about executing cold-calling scripts […]

5 Challenges of Starting With a New Cold Calling Agency

Starting to work with a new cold calling agency can be tricky. There are a few big cold calling challenges that come up when a new client and an agency like Salaria team up. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the top five. First, there’s the challenge of writing a good script. It’s a […]

Getting Started with Salaria

How an outsourcing company treats you as your relationship begins tells you a lot about how they’ll behave going forward. I’m explaining how Salaria begins its relationships with our clients and partners not just because it’s a handy resource for all of you, but also because it illustrates the deeper differences between Salaria and other […]