Renewage averaged 59 meetings booked per month

By offering efficient, turnkey EV charging station and lighting installations, RenewAge equips its clients for a future of sustainable growth. That’s how RenewAge has already saved its clients more than $53 million. RenewAge continues growing because of its complete dedication to client satisfaction.

How RenewAge Revolutionized Its Pipeline

RenewAge needed to fundamentally change the way it reached out to prospects. To create a new outbound prospecting pipeline, it partnered with Salaria. That’s why RenewAge has enjoyed a steady flow of quality leads.

The Challenge

For years, RenewAge relied on in-person meetings to qualify leads with initial conversations. That meant that a significant amount of the time, sales representatives wasted time driving to meetings with prospects that either weren’t interested in or weren’t able to buy. Even worse, some prospects wouldn’t show up to meetings, wasting the driving time entirely.  

RenewAge needed to match its cutting-edge EV and lighting systems with an equally modern sales strategy. That meant phone-based lead qualification and generation, saving representatives’ time and bringing in even more prospects. RenewAge needed to outsource lead generation to quickly kickstart a modern pipeline.

Salaria’s Solution

While they looked at alternatives, RenewAge trusted Salaria as the best fit for what they needed. Now, Salaria provides RenewAge’s sales team with “the primary lead generation source for their sales goals,” according to James Hoover, Business Development Manager at RenewAge. 

Salaria knew that RenewAge would need a high volume of outbound sales calls in order to sustain its sales funnel. That’s why Salaria’s lead generation experts set more than 59 meetings for RenewAge in an average month, and more than half of those meetings targeted VPs or C-level executives.

To save RenewAge’s sales team time, Salaria has focused on improving the rate at which meetings are rescheduled. By selecting better prospects and improving communication, Salaria reduced reschedules from more than 31% of meetings to under 18% between the Q2 and Q4 of 2022.


Salaria continues to generate valuable meetings for RenewAge. Recently, Hoover reported that “One of Salaria’s leads is committed to a $180,000 sale,” making proof of Salaria’s revenue-generating value simple. 

RenewAge’s collaboration with Salaria allowed it to completely revamp its sales funnel. Rather than relying on time-intensive meetings in person, RenewAge’s salespeople can focus on spending their time wisely and taking meetings with qualified leads.


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