G&M has 90% meetings booked with Director level

G&M Health helps companies in the healthcare industry stay in operational compliance by giving those companies the tools they need and consulting on how to use them. By equipping its clients with these tools and advice, G&M Health lets them achieve, maintain, and demonstrate compliance.

How G&M Health Gets the Right Meetings

G&M Health needed the prospecting and cold-calling resources to keep growing but had to hit those goals with a limited budget. That’s why G&M asked for Salaria’s help in implementing a strategy of high-volume cold outreach targeting the right prospects. Now, they’re getting high-value meetings and seeing a direct impact on the bottom line.

The Challenge

Bundle had a great team of salespeople, but they couldn’t use their time well. Their schedules were full of time-consuming cold calls so they could book meetings without a dedicated SDR team. They tried using an in-house SDR, but their cold outreach had close to a 0% conversion rate into revenue. 

After trying another external lead generation team, Bundle was still dissatisfied with their results. That’s when they decided to see what Salaria could offer.

Salaria’s Difference

After evaluating a few options, G&M Health knew that Salaria would be able to fit their needs best. According to G&M’s Vice President of Accounts, Erinee Endrawis, Salaria quickly met the team’s expectations for lead generation and collaboration.   

Salaria started off by giving G&M 21 meetings in the first quarter of 2022. The team grew that to 37 meetings in Q2 and ended the year with 44 meetings booked in Q4 of 2022. Salaria didn’t just provide consistent performance, but they continually improved their processes to meet G&M’s expectations.

As Salaria provided this growth in meetings per quarter, they also worked closely with G&M’s team to improve lead quality. More than a quarter of G&M’s meetings had been with people at the manager level or below in the first half of 2022, and they wanted to speak with more senior decision-makers. 

Through a collaborative process, Salaria shifted its strategy to make sure more than 90% of the meetings they booked for G&M in the second half of 2022 were with people at the director level or higher. By continuously working to improve the leads’ quantity and quality, Salaria drove G&M’s continued growth through 2022.


G&M Health keeps growing with the new business Salaria brings in. Salaria isn’t just throwing a high volume of meetings at G&M’s team but working collaboratively on a sales strategy that meets G&M’s needs. 

G&M is looking at a bright 2023. If the previous year was any indication, its collaboration with Salaria will bring in even more meetings with key decision-makers at best-fit companies. That’s why Endrawis has one piece of advice for those looking at partnering with Salaria: “Go for it.”


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