1000% ROI: Global Ecom Partners’ Profits from Salaria

Global Ecom Partners (GEP) knew what they needed to change: their sales model didn’t make sense. But they didn’t know whether to hire a team in-house or partner with a lead generation outsourcing company. In the end, they built a brand new go-to-market engine with Salaria’s team as an integral piece. The result? A 1,000% return on investment.

About GEP

GEP partners with Amazon sellers to maximize their revenue at zero cost. They handle sellers’ marketing, customer service, and brand building, all customized to their partners’ needs. They incentivize their own performance by taking their pay from the margins of the sales they help their partners produce. The result is a no-cost, full-service partnership with e-commerce experts determined to help their sellers grow.

GEP’s Challenge

In January 2022, GEP had no full-time sales professionals working for them. Instead, they had account managers seek out new business when they had the capacity to do so, which created an inconsistent pipeline and uncertain growth. 

But if GEP was going to bring in a sales team or work with an outsourced one, they needed to know GEP’s business well. GEP’s tailored and high-touch approach means that they have to carefully select who they want to partner with, and that creates high standards for their sales and prospecting team. Leads need to fit GEP’s ideal customer profile (ICP) closely and salespeople need to carefully vet them at every stage.

What Salaria Brought to the Table

When GEP started talking to Salaria, they wanted to be sure the value was really there. Could Salaria understand their business model and ICP well enough to deliver the results they’d need? 

After in-depth discussions and a trial period to prove Salaria’s worth, GEP decided that partnering with Salaria was the best solution to their problems. They hired Salaria’s lead generation team to send cold emails, follow up on inbound leads, and prospect new leads by auditing lists of trade show attendees.

Nick Lassor, Managing Partner at GEP, explained his reasoning for hiring Salaria instead of bringing in-house salespeople:

“Do I think… that we could probably build something similar? Yes. Do I want to? No… I’m probably not going to do it as well, the time and energy to build the process is not going to be worth it, if you have a partner that is efficient at it. I think your rate’s competitive, and I think the quality is good.”


Salaria continues to generate valuable meetings for RenewAge. Recently, Hoover reported that “One of Salaria’s leads is committed to a $180,000 sale,” making proof of Salaria’s revenue-generating value simple. 

RenewAge’s collaboration with Salaria allowed it to completely revamp its sales funnel. Rather than relying on time-intensive meetings in person, RenewAge’s salespeople can focus on spending their time wisely and taking meetings with qualified leads.


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