Holiday Sales Slowdown?

Some sales teams are ignoring almost 17% of their opportunities to set meetings.

That’s because they exaggerate a truth that we all know: B2B sales (unlike retail sales!) are slow during the holidays. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t book meetings.

Even if your deal flow is slowing, you can still build pipeline for the new year. Let’s break down exactly how, and the mistakes so many teams are making when they strategize for the holiday season.

Salaria’s December Data Debrief

To see whether this holiday sales myth holds true, Salaria took a look at our data from the last two years. What we found surprised even us: In 2021, we saw a slight dip in meetings booked in November and December. But in 2022, we actually broke above our year long average for meetings booked.

That’s because if you’re willing to put in the effort, the holidays can actually be a great time to book meetings. You might be wondering why that is, but don’t worry, we’ll break it down.

Why Meeting Volume Increases During Holidays

Several factors contribute to this uptick in meeting volume:

Preparation for the New Year: While deal closures might slow down, many companies and individuals use this period to lay the groundwork for the upcoming year. Meetings booked in November and December are often exploratory and preparatory in nature, setting the stage for future engagements, but keeping your seasonal sales steady overall.

Holiday Spirit and Openness: The festive atmosphere of the holidays often puts people in a more receptive and open mood. This can lead to a greater willingness to entertain new ideas and discussions, contrary to the usual hustle of the business year.

Availability and Planning: Contrary to busy work periods, the holidays can offer more flexible schedules, making it easier to find suitable times for meetings. Additionally, with a slower deal flow, both sales teams and clients have more time to focus on strategic planning and less urgent but important discussions.

The Cost of Ignoring the Holiday Period

Neglecting nearly 17% of the year — the equivalent of the holiday period — is a strategic misstep. This period, often dismissed as unproductive, actually offers unique opportunities for building relationships and preparing for future success. Teams that disregard this time and do their holiday shopping instead may find themselves at a disadvantage, with a depleted pipeline and reduced momentum when they kick back into gear come January.

Too often, lazy or unsuccessful salespeople will use this period as an excuse for their failures. Their bosses believe them because of how prolific this myth is. But the truth is that even if your deal flow has slowed and people are less willing to sign, you can set up meetings for a busy January.

The holiday season shouldn’t be an excuse for reduced productivity. In fact, Salaria’s approach demonstrates the opposite. By embracing the unique characteristics of this period — the general good mood, the openness to new ideas, and the availability of clients — sales teams can turn a traditionally slow period into a time of fruitful engagement and strategic planning.

Take Your Prospecting Up a Notch

The holiday season, far from being a time to slow down, presents unique opportunities for unique sales strategies. By understanding and leveraging the factors that contribute to increased meeting volumes, like the festive mood and better availability, sales teams can turn this period into a significant advantage. This proactive approach not only sets the stage for a successful new year but also ensures that no opportunity is left unexplored, even during the holiday season.

Looking for sales experts to set meetings for you year-round? Talk to Salaria’s sales experts.

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