Conquering the Calendar: Strategies to Get Leads to Show Up for Meetings

Show Up for Meetings

Every salesperson knows the frustration of a no-show at a scheduled meeting. You’ve invested time in qualifying a lead, crafting the perfect pitch, and securing a convenient time slot, only to have them vanish on the day of. But fear not, there are strategies you can employ to significantly boost your meeting attendance rate. Here at Salaria Sales, we’ve honed our approach to ensure leads show up, prepared and engaged. Let’s explore some key tactics:

1. Double Down on Confirmation:

The first step to ensuring a successful meeting is making sure it’s firmly on everyone’s calendar. Here’s how we double down on confirmation to guarantee your leads attend.

Phone Verification
Phone & Calendar Invite Verification
  • Phone Verification: A simple phone call goes a long way. After securing a meeting via email, confirm the details directly with the lead. This allows you to:
    • Verbally Confirm Email Address: Double-check the email address to avoid delivery issues and ensure the invite reaches the intended recipient.
    • Walk Them Through the Meeting Invite: Guide them through accepting the calendar invite on their preferred platform, keeping it firmly on their schedule.

2. Multi-Channel Reminders:

Life gets busy, and a well-timed reminder can make all the difference. Discover how we utilize multi-channel reminders to keep your meeting at the forefront of your leads’ minds.

Text Messaging
Text Messaging & Reminders
  • Embrace Text Messaging: In today’s fast-paced world, a quick text message serves as a convenient and effective reminder. Send a confirmation text the day before the meeting, reiterating the time, topic, and a link to join if applicable.
  • Leave a Voicemail Reminder: Don’t underestimate the power of a voicemail. If a text goes unanswered, leave a friendly reminder detailing the meeting specifics.


3. Pre-Meeting Engagement:

A successful meeting starts before you even sit down. Learn how pre-meeting engagement with targeted information can prime your leads for a productive and fruitful discussion.

Pre-Meeting Engagement with Targeted Information Sharing
Pre-Meeting Engagement with Targeted Information Sharing
  • Targeted Information Sharing: Once the meeting is confirmed, send valuable pre-meeting materials. This could include case studies related to their industry, white papers relevant to their challenges, or a brief questionnaire to gather specific needs. This demonstrates your preparation and sets the stage for a productive conversation.
  • Informative Emails: Supplement the meeting invite with additional emails containing relevant information about your company and the solutions you offer. This allows leads to learn more about you and arrive at the meeting feeling informed.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly increase your meeting attendance rate. Remember, a confirmed lead is a more engaged lead, ready to explore the value you can offer.

Salaria Sales goes the extra mile: We understand that your time is valuable. By employing these tactics, we take the burden off your shoulders and ensure qualified leads show up prepared for a productive and successful meeting.

Ready to experience the difference? Contact Salaria Sales today to learn more about how we can transform your lead generation and boost your sales pipeline.

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