Bundle averaged 50 meetings booked per month

Bundle is an employee experience platform that promotes wellness, team building, professional development, and personal support sessions and events. Its clients include Pinterest, Hershey, and Airtable. It empowers other organizations’ employees by helping them improve their performance, well-being, and connections with others.

How Bundle Exploded Growth with Salaria

Before working with Salaria, Bundle relied on inefficient lead generation that wasted sales reps’ time and failed to generate meetings. Now, their account executives’ calendars are full of meetings with interested key decision-makers at companies that match Bundle’s ideal customer profile perfectly.

The Challenge

Bundle had a great team of salespeople, but they couldn’t use their time well. Their schedules were full of time-consuming cold calls so they could book meetings without a dedicated SDR team. They tried using an in-house SDR, but their cold outreach had close to a 0% conversion rate into revenue. After trying another external lead generation team, Bundle was still dissatisfied with their results. That’s when they decided to see what Salaria could offer.

Salaria’s Solution

It only took two Salaria-generated meetings for Bundle’s leadership team to see Salaria’s value. Within that first month, Bundle was already getting meetings with interested key decision-makers across a variety of industries. Soon, that stabilized into more than 17 meetings per month with just one dedicated SDR seat from Salaria.

After this ramp-up period, “something clicked,” says Bundle’s Chief of Staff Jordan Smith. “All of a sudden, we were getting a very big influx of leads every day.” It wasn’t long until Bundle decided to expand their partnership with Salaria.

Now Bundle has scaled up to three seats, and they’ve seen consistent growth along every relevant metric. Every time they add a seat with Salaria, they notice a near-immediate boost in meetings for their sales reps. Their reps’ calendars are filled with demos for people with buying power at industry-leading organizations.


Bundle has seen consistent growth from the meetings Salaria’s sales development team books for them. That’s because Salaria is getting meetings with leads in the right positions at the right companies.

In recent months, Bundle has averaged 50 meetings a month from the Salaria team. The majority of these meetings have been with leads at the C-suite and director level. In just a single week, Bundle is booking more meetings than they used to get in a month.