Getting Started with Salaria

How an outsourcing company treats you as your relationship begins tells you a lot about how they’ll behave going forward. I’m explaining how Salaria begins its relationships with our clients and partners not just because it’s a handy resource for all of you, but also because it illustrates the deeper differences between Salaria and other lead generation companies.

We Move Quickly

That’s the biggest difference in how we approach client onboarding. We want you to start getting value from our partnership as soon as possible. That’s why we usually start our work about a week after our contract begins.

Surprised? If you’ve worked with other outsourcing companies, it’s possible you’ve heard of much more extended timelines. Some even spend a month onboarding clients before they start giving something back. It’s worth considering how much value that additional time provides.

We find that one week is sufficient time for our sales experts to learn what they need to know about your company to be able to start booking meetings. It’s true that they won’t be experts on every technical aspect of what you’re selling at that point, but we’ve found that they rarely need to be. 

Does it work? Just ask our clients. Many of them have complex products and a wide range of services that they provide, but that doesn’t stop our highly-trained sales team from doing their research within a week.

We Do Our Research

Not only do we get started quickly, but we do it with a highly customized approach. That’s possible through sales expertise and continuous improvement. 

Many of the same firms that take a whole month to onboard clients use cookie-cutter playbooks that they think will work for all their clients. Ironically, they take more time for a less individualized approach. 

Instead, Salaria’s sales experts do individualized research and develop a custom sales plan for every client. We create the original proposal in that first week, and continue iterating on it in constant communication with the client.

In some ways, our onboarding isn’t ever done. We’re always updating our sales strategy and we never consider ourselves to be fully finished. But we’ve found that the best way to do research on a client’s customer base is to talk with them directly, and while we’re talking, why not book a meeting?

See for Yourself

Curious to see if Salaria’s approach could work for you? We’re always happy to explain our process in more detail. Just send us a message here and we can set up a meeting right away.

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