Fake LinkedIn Profiles: Why They’re Bad and How to Spot Them

When LinkedIn deleted 15 million fake profiles in the first six months of 2021, they recognized a problem everyone’s aware of by now: the site is overrun with fake accounts. That presents a huge problem for salespeople, recruiters, and anyone else trying to speak with real people on the leading business social media site.

The problem is so widespread that even popular LinkedIn blogs have acknowledged it. Unfortunately, it hurts everyone. Not only is it inconvenient for people looking to speak with live humans on LinkedIn, but it’s a bad strategy even for the companies that create the profiles. The good news is that fake profiles are absolutely possible to spot, once you know what to look for.

Don’t Make Fake Profiles

First, it’s important to note that making fake profiles is a bad business decision. It reflects poorly on your company’s brand, it will get caught by LinkedIn, and when it does, you’ll have wasted the time you spent on the project anyways.

Companies that make fake profiles look like any business that deceives customers: unreliable. When customers compare potential sellers, reputation goes a long way in their decision-making process. If they know that one company is intentionally deceiving others, that could make all the difference. 

As stated previously, LinkedIn is taking active measures to delete millions of fake profiles a month. They’re looking for companies that make these profiles, and when they find them, they aren’t giving second chances–the profile’s account is deleted, along with any potential leads it connected with. That’s why before Salaria works with anyone, we make sure they aren’t using fake LinkedIn profiles themselves.

How to Spot Fake LinkedIn Profiles

There are quite a few different signs that can indicate a profile is fake. But make sure not to jump to conclusions when looking at them: any one of these can belong to a normal person. It’s the combination of these factors that should raise an eyebrow. 

There are eight signs you should consider, and if a profile has at least five of them, that’s a good sign that you should be suspicious. Eight out of eight is almost certainly a fake profile, so check out these eight signs to see if a LinkedIn profile is fake.

Suspicious Picture

There are a number of things that can make a profile picture suspicious, but one indicator is if it looks like a stock photo. A photo with too-perfect lighting and signs of airbrushing or other modifications can be one indicator that the profile behind it is fake. You should also look for signs that the picture is an AI-generated image.

Limited Experience

There are plenty of new people just starting their first jobs right now. But people making fake profiles often fail to put in the work to give them an extensive work history. That can include profiles of people who look like they’ve had decades of experience, but only have one job on LinkedIn.

Prestigious University

What are the odds that an Ivy League graduate is a middle-aged man with one past job who looks suspiciously like a model? As with limited experience, the Ivy League part of this description isn’t necessarily suspicious by itself, but in combination with other factors, it sketches a more suspect picture.

Experience at Suspicious Companies

There are a number of things that can make a company suspicious, but the two most important factors to consider are whether the company has its own LinkedIn profile and whether it operates in the country where the profile is based. Remote work is becoming more popular, but it’s still relatively uncommon for people to live in countries where their employers have no other operations.

Using Profile for Business Development

LinkedIn is full of business development professionals looking to connect with prospects. But that’s also one of the most popular uses of fake profiles, which makes those profiles immediately more suspicious than profiles that aren’t reaching out to others.

Number of Connections

Finally, a real person likely has hundreds of LinkedIn connections from past work and education. But fake profiles are usually recently-made because LinkedIn deletes them so quickly, which means they have less time to build up a large network the way a real person would.

If you’re looking to speak with LinkedIn prospecting experts, reach out and book a meeting with Salaria Sales, experts in seeing through fake profiles and capturing genuine, qualified leads.

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Nick Lassor
Nick Lassor
Salaria has been a game changer for us! We have tried various companies and internal processes to manage a rather difficult lead gen process and they have performed way better than we expected. They adapt to our feedback. They provide clear information. They are always looking for ways to improve. If you are on the fence, just pull the trigger. Salaria will do everything they say and more!
Jason Gonos
Jason Gonos
Great company and great people. I am super impressed with our director of account management LP and his team. I have been with them for about 4 months and just signed for a 6 month extension. I have been getting TOO MANY HIGH QUALITY LEADS to manage and am now forced to build out my sales team because of Salaria :) Highly recommended. The cost will pay for itseld quickly.
James Hoover
James Hoover
Salaria has been a huge boost to our lead generation efforts. They are able to create meetings with high level executives who are vetted properly. Great company to work with.
Nilesh Surana
Nilesh Surana
We started working with Salaria about 10 months ago and they have been able to generate about 60-70 meetings of which 4 deals have closed. I was a bit skeptical before deciding to work with them because I didn’t know if we could effectively outsource part of our sales development strategy. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well things have gone. We’ve also seen an improvement in conversion rates across the whole team because we started using a lot of the scripts and templates Salaria was using. I have to admit that they've been impressive with how helpful they’ve been from a strategy perspective. Highly recommend these guys!
Ken F
Ken F
Salaria did an amazing job helping us build up our pipeline right after we launched in the USA a year ago. They’ve absolutely surpassed our expectations and have consistently improved performance over time. We’ve been working with Elizabeth and she has been instrumental in helping us craft a strategy that improves conversion for all of our reps. It took us about a month or so to get ramped up but once we were up and running, I was surprised by how fast they delivered results. I believe they book their first meeting for us within a week of starting. We’ve had to change things up from time to time to keep us on track but Elizabeth and the Salaria team have been great all along the way.


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