Salaria’s Secret Strength: Our Strategic Consulting Services

At Salaria Sales, we’ve built a reputation for efficiency and effectiveness in sales. But we sometimes run into a misconception that our role is confined to mere execution – simply delivering messages crafted by other cold calling companies. This view significantly understates the core of our services. We are not just about executing cold-calling scripts […]

5 Challenges of Starting With a New Cold Calling Agency

Starting to work with a new cold calling agency can be tricky. There are a few big cold calling challenges that come up when a new client and an agency like Salaria team up. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the top five. First, there’s the challenge of writing a good script. It’s a […]

Holiday Sales Slowdown?

Some sales teams are ignoring almost 17% of their opportunities to set meetings. That’s because they exaggerate a truth that we all know: B2B sales (unlike retail sales!) are slow during the holidays. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t book meetings. Even if your deal flow is slowing, you can still build pipeline for […]

Are You Using Cold Email Gimmicks that Annoy Prospects?

A lot of people doing email sales think they have a great system for generating leads when instead they’re just annoying those prospects. Some gimmicky approaches, in the hopes of grabbing attention, might actually be pushing prospects away.  The best way to be sure you aren’t doing that is to break down what gimmicky email […]

Salaria’s Cold Calling Expertise

In the competitive landscape of sales and marketing, cold calling remains a critical strategy, and no one does it better than Salaria. But what is the secret behind their success? We delve deeper into the strategies and principles that have set us apart among cold-calling companies. Rigorous Recruitment Process Salaria’s recruitment process is nothing short […]

The Top Mistake Most Small Sales Teams Make

Your company might be ruining its own sales funnel. Plenty of companies are. That’s because they have their account executives (AEs) do everything from lead generation to deal signing. The common belief is that AEs know best and having them handle everything will build a firmer relationship with prospects right from the start. But is […]

Benefits of Hiring an International Sales Team

As CEO and founder of Salaria, I get asked a lot about the key traits that help us stand out. Key among them is our extraordinary, international team of sales professionals. I used to think a company couldn’t succeed with so many offshore workers, but as many of our customers find, they do truly remarkable […]

Getting Started with Salaria

How an outsourcing company treats you as your relationship begins tells you a lot about how they’ll behave going forward. I’m explaining how Salaria begins its relationships with our clients and partners not just because it’s a handy resource for all of you, but also because it illustrates the deeper differences between Salaria and other […]

How Salaria’s Competitor’s Prospect, and Why It Matters

Salaria isn’t the only company that you can outsource your prospecting to, but none of our major competitors do it the same way as us. Let’s talk about what they do, and why. What Is Prospecting? Prospecting is the process of identifying potential customers. It’s the foundation of the sales process, which is why you […]

5 Reasons Not to Over-Automate Your Sales and Lead Generation

Lead generation and sales automation is incredibly appealing for obvious reasons. It could save you significant cash if you do it right, but that kind of short-term cost-cutting can also get you in trouble. Here are the five biggest pitfalls you can run into when automating your sales and lead gen efforts. 1. Anti-automation Social […]