5 Tips to Stay Out of “Spam”

Everyone from small businesses to the largest companies in the world faces problems with their sales and marketing emails going to spam folders. Every time that happens, those recipients don’t even get the chance to evaluate if they want what you’re selling. Getting sent to spam can dramatically reduce the number of people that see your marketing emails, so it’s important to follow these tips to stay out of their spam folders while keeping your sales and marketing emails as effective as possible.

1. Build Inbox Credibility

A brand new email account that’s suddenly sending out massive waves of emails out will look suspicious to email providers, and that behavior alone might cause them to send your messages to spam folders. To avoid that, you need to build your email address’s credibility.

Credibility comes from a number of different factors, but one of the most important is your inbox’s behavior. If you’re sending emails back and forth with people in regular conversations, you’ll look more normal than if you’re only using your email for large sales cadences. Inbox credibility-building tools automate the process of sending emails back and forth with others’ inboxes to create a record of that behavior.

2. Don’t Include Links or Files

Unsecure links and files look suspicious both to people and their email providers–and rightfully so. Unknown email addresses sharing links and files are often hiding malicious code like ransomware, so email providers will often filter out emails with those included.

This is especially true if there are links to multiple sites, a mix of linked images and embedded images, and attachments with strange names. All of these are major red flags for email providers and can be a major reason why emails go to spam.

3. Avoid Spammy Keywords

Email providers also look for certain keywords that signal if an email could be spam. While not every email with one of these emails is automatically directed to your spam folder, it can certainly be a contributing factor.

The most common spam keywords are related to the kinds of advertisements that usually come in spam emails. “Free,” “No-cost,” “buy,” “order,” and “affordable” are just a few of the most common, but there are complete lists of the relevant keywords available.

4. Get Your Signature Right

Your email signature is important. That’s why we’ve already mentioned it as one of the most important best practices in email marketing. But there’s another part of designing your email signature that you should pay attention to: the way you format its links and images.

As mentioned above, there are certain guidelines you should follow with links and images in general. Those are especially important to follow when you create your email signature. For example, if you include your company’s logo, you should make sure the file has a short and sensible name, and any link to a personal website should be short and secure. You should also make sure that any links you include only open one webpage, instead of using one link to open multiple tabs.

5. Don’t Go Overboard

It’s also important not to go too far with these tips. Don’t let them dissuade you from including any attachments or links in your email–great sales collateral can be a game-changer after all!

The most important part of keeping emails out of spam boxes is to act like a normal person. Send work emails from the same inbox, write normally, and don’t include strange files. If you follow these basic tips, you’ll dramatically increase the number of people seeing the messages you send out.

If you’re looking to get some more help with your sales and marketing efforts, you can also use the services of companies like Salaria. To schedule a call and see how you can get more eyes on your messaging, go ahead and set a meeting with us here.

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Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller
Salaria has done a great job increasing the total amount of prospective leads for our company. Elizabeth and her team are very professional and the amount of calls they crank out with just a few people is remarkable! We value the collaborative process, and the open line of communication makes it easy to adjust strategies on the move without any down time. The weekly reports & dashboards they provide are a very nice touch. Overall a great experience with an honest and hard-working company who's motivated to help us grow our sales.
Aviva Fridman
Aviva Fridman
Salaria is amazing! I have spoken with several companies like Salaria, but I have found them to be mostly talk. Salaria does exactly what they say they are going to do - they get meetings! I greatly appreciated that even though we had a slow start, they came in an worked hard to earn regain our trust. They are always tweaking and improving their process to make sure they are meeting our needs.
Matt Shreibman
Matt Shreibman
As someone who has been in medical device sales for 10 years now, I highly recommend Salaria to anyone who is looking for more targets. Pipeline is the life blood for any sales organization and Salaria is a great resource to have.
Faiz Asrar
Faiz Asrar
Nick Lassor
Nick Lassor
Salaria has been a game changer for us! We have tried various companies and internal processes to manage a rather difficult lead gen process and they have performed way better than we expected. They adapt to our feedback. They provide clear information. They are always looking for ways to improve. If you are on the fence, just pull the trigger. Salaria will do everything they say and more!
Jason Gonos
Jason Gonos
Great company and great people. I am super impressed with our director of account management LP and his team. I have been with them for about 4 months and just signed for a 6 month extension. I have been getting TOO MANY HIGH QUALITY LEADS to manage and am now forced to build out my sales team because of Salaria :) Highly recommended. The cost will pay for itseld quickly.
James Hoover
James Hoover
Salaria has been a huge boost to our lead generation efforts. They are able to create meetings with high level executives who are vetted properly. Great company to work with.
Nilesh Surana
Nilesh Surana
We started working with Salaria about 10 months ago and they have been able to generate about 60-70 meetings of which 4 deals have closed. I was a bit skeptical before deciding to work with them because I didn’t know if we could effectively outsource part of our sales development strategy. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well things have gone. We’ve also seen an improvement in conversion rates across the whole team because we started using a lot of the scripts and templates Salaria was using. I have to admit that they've been impressive with how helpful they’ve been from a strategy perspective. Highly recommend these guys!


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