5 Reasons to Use Glassdoor to Evaluate Outsourcing Companies

Plenty of job seekers rely on Glassdoor for employee reviews of companies, but it has another important use as well. Glassdoor can be a powerful resource for evaluating outsourcing companies. Here are a few of the most important reasons you should look at Glassdoor when you’re deciding what outsourcing companies you should work with:

1. Employees Are The Service

When you pay for the services of an outsourcing company, you’re paying for the performance of their employees. That means employee satisfaction can be an important indicator of the actual quality of what you’re paying for. 

Not only do happier employees perform their duties better, but satisfaction can indicate a number of things about how the company is run. Satisfied employees are more likely to have competent management, proper training, and higher performance.

2. Unvarnished Reviews 

More than overall employee satisfaction, Glassdoor is helpful for its individual employee and ex-employee reviews. While there are some ways to game the overall review metrics, employers can’t stop negative employee reviews from showing up.

That means that you get a real, unvarnished view of the actual thoughts of dissatisfied employees. Obviously, these reviews are biased, but you can glean real insights from them. Legitimate employee complaints can be a great way to learn about individual companies’ operational faults.

3. Understand Incentive Structures

Glassdoor also lets you see how companies compensate individual positions. That lets you see whether companies give their demand-generation professionals performance-based bonuses. 

Performance-based bonuses are an essential part of any demand generation team’s incentive structure, but some companies think they can save a quick buck by not properly compensating their employees. More often than not, this backfires, as poorly compensated employees lead to poor overall performance.

4. Evaluate Their Growth

Glassdoor can also let you know how many new positions a company is currently hiring for, and whether they recently went on a hiring spree. Hiring sprees can be good, as they can signal that a company got a recent round of VC funding or otherwise feels confident about its future.

But hiring sprees can also be unsustainable, and it’s important to know where the company got the money for a new batch of employees. Glassdoor can be a great jumping-off point for conversations about an outsourcing company’s growth. It can let you know whether they’ll still be around to partner with you in the long term.

5. Review Employee Resources

When you purchase the services of a demand generation outsourcing company, you aren’t just buying leads and dials. You’re also paying for their enterprise lead generation software; it’s part of why outsourcing makes sense in a recession

Glassdoor reviews tell you whether employees got the tools they needed. They can shed light on whether the outsourcing company is investing enough money in essential equipment. Employees will report whether they had what they needed to succeed, and in turn, you’ll know where your money is going.

Glassdoor can be a great way to get an inside look at the ups and downs of demand generation outsourcing companies. It gives you as close to an unbiased view of how companies operate as you can get. If you’re looking at outsourcing companies, feel free to talk to Salaria about the services we offer as well!

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